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Bamboo is nature's most sustainable resource. It is grown without pesticides or chemicals, 100% biodegradable and naturally regenerative.

Ideally suited to next-to-skin applications. Bamboo fabric is soft and non-irritating, even to sensitive skin. The structure of bamboo fibers make bamboo fabrics more breathable and thermal regulating than cotton, hemp, wool or synthetic fabrics. Bamboo fabric has a natural sheen and softness that feels and drapes like silk but is less expensive and more durable.

Excellent UV protection, Bamboo fabric can block up to  91% of UVA & 98% of UVB rays- naturally
Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal even through multiple washings. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal because of a bacteriostatis agent unique to bamboo plants called "bamboo kun" which also helps bamboo resist harboring odors. The bamboo kun in bamboo fabric stops odor-producing bacteria from growing and spreading in the bamboo cloth allowing bamboo clothing to be more hygienic and to remain fresher smelling.

Bamboo is highly breathable, absorbent and wicks water away from the body 3 to 4 times faster than cotton. This translates to an excellent wicking ability that will pull moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate. In warm, humid and sweaty weather, bamboo clothing helps keep the wearer drier, cooler and more comfortable and doesn't stick to the skin
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