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Renewable and bio-degradable: Soy fabric made from a by-product of soybean oil production and is the only plant-based protein fiber.  It is a sustainable textile fiber made from highly renewable resource renewable and biodegradable resources. soy fabric is a and fully bio-degradable. It is part of an effort to move consumers away from petrochemical textile products and turn waste into useful products.

Sanitarian function: soybean protein fiber has good affinity to human body's skin and possesses many kinds of amino acid, which makes it to have good health protection effect. so this sole botanic protein fiber has the function of health that no other fiber processes. Soybean protein contains lots of polar amino-acids necessary for human-body, such as hydroxyl, amido-cyanogen and carboxyl. Therefore the soybean fiber has good biocompatibility and is beneficial to the human health. Meeting people's skin,

Anti-bacterial: bacteria resistant elements are integrated in fiber's molecule chain, which makes the fabrics keep the property of resisting coli bacillus, staphylococcus aureus and candida albicans permanently, this avoids the shortcoming of not permanent effect when the anti-bacteria function is added to the yarn when finishing.

Ultraviolet protection, soybean fabric naturally block UVA & UVB rays.(see Test Report for detail)
Wicking function: the moisture absorption of bean fiber is similar to that of cotton fiber, but its ventilation is more superior to of cotton.

Cashmere feel: The fabric made of Soybean Protein Fiber is soft, smooth, light. It has cashmere feel, but smoother than cashmere. it is as comfortable to the skin as human's second skin. the amino acid in soybean protein can activate the collagen protein in the skin, resist tickling and evaporate the skin.
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